How FrontRow Sound Systems Increase Student Achievement

Schools using amplification have more focused, productive classrooms.

Each day, schools' investments in people, curricula, and technology can be undermined when students miss 25% of what teachers say. That's if they're lucky enough to have a good seat: children in the back row may even miss 40%.

Why? Noisy air conditioning. Unfamiliar material. Inexperienced listeners. Children are naturally vulnerable to misunderstanding new concepts because they can't reconstruct key words and phrases they've missed.

This is why over 3,200 US and Canadian districts and school boards use FrontRow sound systems to clarify and evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the classroom.

The result is improved attention, better test scores, and more effective teaching. Ensuring clear communication no matter where children sit, a FrontRow Classroom is a more focused and productive classroom.