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Emerging Technologies

Interactive Technologies

SMART amp™

Software that works the way students naturally want to learn

Designed specifically for the classroom, SMART amp enables co-creation and fosters student collaboration on devices, while giving teachers real-time insight into learning and contribution.

Anywhere, Anytime Collaboration

Students can co-create content on a digital canvas with their devices, enabling contribution and collaboration to happen from anywhere, at anytime.

Real-time Insight for Teachers

Teachers can watch collaboration as it unfolds and better understand, assess and guide students, without having to interrupt learning.

Learning Naturally

The intuitive interface and experience means that students interact with lessons, content and projects in natural, authentic ways – inside and outside the classroom.

Seamlessly Switch Activities

Move between whole class, individual and small-group learning activities, as well as project-based or flipped lesson activities, without wasting class time.

Gauge Individual Contributions

Gain visibility into the learning process by easily seeing the contributions made by each student during group work in the collaborative workspace.

Simple, Universal Integration

Whatever devices your students are working with, or the interactive display in your classroom, SMART amp seamlessly integrates and provides the same user experience.


SMART Board®
4000 series
interactive flat panels

Tomorrow's technology today

Starting at $2,499.00


Install your Interactive LED Today!

A new level of dependability

Never worry about classroom downtime with 50,000 hours* of stunning content quality and reliable service, outlasting typical technology lifecycles. Unlike consumer screens, we've designed our new generation of displays for the classroom. When it's time to replace, the timing is decided by you, when it's right for your school. No more downtime fixing burnt out projector bulbs, no shadows getting in the way, no glare or hot spots, and no faded images.

*Brightness reduced by half

Key Features

Silktouch™ technology

The most accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner-to-corner. Fingers glide effortlessly over the surface, providing hours of error-free use in perfect comfort.

SMART ink™ technology

Writing is natural and looks better with SMART ink. Whether you're using a pen or finger, each stroke is a work of art. Its realisitc digital ink improves legibility, so teachers don't have to re-write and students feel confident contributing.

Brilliant HD resolution

Durable, commercial-grade HD LED panels display brilliantly detailed images in 1080p resolution. The anti-glare surface keeps students involved no matter where they're seated in the room.

Simultaneous touch points

With 8 simultaneous touch points for Windows, multiple students can use gestures, like zoom, rotate and flip, at the same time. The natural learning experience develops essential life-long collaboration skills without students realizing it.

Powered by SMART Notebook® software

Included is the software that teaches the world, optimized for use on SMART interactive displays. Create lesson plans in the same environment you'll be teaching on. The world's most popular learning software is made by teachers, for teachers, to inspire students in perfect harmony.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Education Focus - Highly Effective Communications Tool:

• Announcements
• Recognition (students & staff)
• Alerts
• Notices
• Schedules
• Reminders
• Acknowledgements
• Video Highlights
• Promotions
• News Events and more!

Digital Signage is a dynamic way to communicate effectively with students, staff and parents.

Also, for use in effectively distributing town messages through community access television.


Retail Focus:

Entertain your Customers

Reduce your customers perceived wait time with fast fun facts

Self Promotion

- Daily Specials
- Gift certificates
- Drink Specials
- Happy hour
- Sporting event specials
- Holiday party booking info

Recurring Profit through Digital Advertising

RnB will create and support advertising opportunities and content generating additional income for you.

RnB’s services include: consultation, processes, collection, scheduling, and content management.

Flexible Content Management

RnB will provide a multi-layout solution which can include a main zone for your self-promotions; a side zone for ads, weather and trivia; a logo zone; and a crawl zone.

This layout is flexible and can be configured in the way that best suits your needs.

Multi Location Solution

Do you own more than one location? No problem, we can cross-promote a one size fits all signage design solution, or create individualized promotions and recurring revenue at each location. Either way RnB has the answer.

Other Options:

Community Calendar/Charitable Events -
Using signage to promote your community makes you an integral part of the fabric of your community.

Employee Recognition -
Acknowledge your employee of the week. Show pictures of the cook, owner, or managers all entertaining your friends and customers and find out why we all like to see ourselves having a pleasurable time. Watch them bring in their friends to see themselves on TV.

Live Camera Feeds -
Show your live events such as Karaoke Night via live camera feeds.