Professional Development

RnB offers training by certified trainers for key products.

RnB University

Come join us for a full day of Professional Development. Training will encompass SMART BoardTM interactive whiteboard fundamentals and creation of curriculum activities for the subjects you teach.

What to expect:

By the end of of the session, you'll be comfortable with the SMART BoardTM interactive whiteboard and NotebookTM software, and know how to use them in your classroom. You will have the tools to become a SMART Board specialist in your school or district, and be able to share that knowledge with your colleagues.

You will cover the following: SMART Board interactive whiteboard and its components, Ink Aware, in-depth look at Notebook software, and an introduction to SenteoTM interactive response system, with hands-on experience.

You will also create dynamic interactive lesson activities.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


Digital Signage and Content-on-Demand Training

RnB offers comprehensive training on all digital signage and content-on-demand systems that we install. The sessions are lead by a trainer experienced with the system and how it operates. You will be taught how to set-up and manage the system (for IT staff) and how to create and publish content.

Each training session ensures that you wil be prepared to run your new system and create dynamic content to display.


TV Studio in a Box Training

RnB offers complete training on the TriCaster TV Studio in a Box. You will learn how to fully utilize the system and gain knowledge of all its capabilites. At the end of the training, you will be ready to run your own TV Studio like a professional!